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I tried growing and harvesting my own Chamomile and found it to be very tedious and time consuming to harvest the tiny flowers. It’s better for me with my busy life to buy it in bulk from Starwest Botanicals.

Chamomile works well for me and my purpose. It’s calming on my nerves and has anti inflammatory properties according to This Study, which in turn may help with pain challenges.

I really enjoy a cup of Chamomile tea by itself in the evenings to relax after a rough day and the aroma is that of sweet apples. Can’t do without it in my Super Smoothies! Before I started using it, the stresses of my delivery driver job had me in road rage every day and constant shakiness of my hands. Much improved these days and I love it!

You can learn more about the helpful properties of Chamomile by searching Google for “Pubmed Chamomile”.


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