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There are interesting Aronia studies out there about Aronia berry and leaf nutrition. It seems nobody even considers the leaves of this plant for the therapeutic potential, as far as Aronia farming is concerned. It's all about the Super Berries! Well, if I have anything to do with Aronia leaves receiving the recognition they deserve, I will also consider that to be my mission. Take a look at This Study which opens in a new tab. There are others included in the group files of the Aronia World Facebook Group.

That was the study that convinced me to acquire and grow all three species of Aronia for the leaves. I was already into Persimmon leaf and other leaf teas in attempts to manage my aches and pains even before the Elderberry Way began three years ago. They helped a little by themselves and I enjoyed something different from the usual teas. I harvest leaves from the bottom of each plant so to not put a strain on any one plant and place them to dry indoors in my Hanging Herb Drying Racks.

Aronia World Group on Facebook was created on May 9, 2020. Nine months after I started the Elderberry World Group but has only gained 784 members since, compared to the over 40,000 Elderberry World members. I attribute this to the mostly unpopular opinion of the Aronia Berry flavor. Due to the high therapeutics and tannin content of Aronia Berries, they were given the common name of Chokeberries some years ago and the name has followed, despite attempts of the Aronia industry to educate people in the ways of covering up this full mouthfeel experience when consuming the berries, such as adding them to smoothies and other recipes. They do make a delicious wine!

Aronia leaves on the other hand have not been discovered by the mainstream for their highly therapeutic and dietary properties, yet. When I first tried a tea made from dried Aronia leaf I was hesitant in tasting it but discovered it was very similar in flavor to Persimmon Leaf Tea. No astringency or bitterness at all. Very tasty! Some of my yard bushes are only now getting to be a sufficient size to enable removal of enough leaves for a couple weeks addition to my Super Smoothies.

All species of Aronia I grow are presented in a very well constructed Wikipedia Page which opens in a new tab. No need for me to add more other than I wish I could point everyone to a source to acquire dried Aronia leaves. Perhaps when Aronia Berry farmers discover they've been discarding potentially valuable plant parts, we may start to see them for sale in the popular bulk herb outlets.

Best place I found to purchase Aronia melanocarpa 'Viking" plants is We aren't affiliated with them, just providing a reputable source. It grows in US zones 3-8.

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